Tuesday, July 12, 2011

FamilySearch Resources for Federal Records

These links are a portion of the handout I created for a presentation at the National Institute on Genealogical Research.

FamilySearch - Granite Mountain Records Vault, Part 2
Video showing the digitization process FamilySearch uses.

Here is a sampling of the National Archives records available on the FamilySearch website:

Historical Records Collections

Military Records:

Immigration Records:
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Case Files of Chinese Immigrants, 1900-1923

Court, Land and Other Records:
Louisiana, Eastern District Naturalization Petitions, 1838-1861

Federal Census Records:
Population Schedules: 
1850, 1870 & 1900 (Indexes and images) 
1860 (images on Footnote.com)
1880, 1910, 1920 &1930 (Indexes only)

Related Civil War collections:

FamilySearch Indexing

National Archives records currently being indexed by FamilySearch volunteers:

FamilySearch Research Wiki

Articles available for National Archives records:

Land Records:
Lottery Land                                                 
Private Land Claims                                     
Locating Federal Land on Maps                 
Land Terms & Definitions                           

Military Records


Immigration Records
Ulster Ireland Presbyterian Immigrants               

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  1. What a great resource list you have Angela. Thank you for sharing it with us!