Monday, November 10, 2014

New Openings in Genetic Genealogy and Advanced Practicum Courses at SLIG

Right now is the time to get your foot in the door at the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy! Due to cancellations there is space available in three of the previously sold out courses, including:

Getting Started with Genetic Genealogy with Debbie Parker Wayne, CG (four spots available)
Advanced Evidence Analysis Practicum with Angela McGhie and Kimberly Powell (three spots available)
Advanced German Research with Warren Bittner, CG (one spot available)

If you are interested in registering for fany of these courses please contact Valerie Hansen, the SLIG Registrar, at

There is also space available in the following courses, and you can register for these on the SLIG registration website:

Finding Immigrant Origins with David Ouimette, CG
Research in Original Source Repositories with John Colletta, PhD
Resources and Strategies for U.S. Research with Paula Stuart Warren, CG

For more information on the courses see the 2015 SLIG Tracks.
For more information on the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy see the main SLIG page.

NOTE on all genealogy institutes:
If there is a course that you are very interested in at a genealogy institute, even one of those that sold out in under 20 minutes, put your name on the waiting list. Almost every year spots open up in the courses as some people have conflicts arise and need to cancel their travel plans. During the last two months before the institute begins there is shifting and openings and those on the waiting lists often get in the courses they want. Some people register for another course and plan to travel to the institute anyway, and at the last minute get into the course that is their first choice.

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