Friday, October 29, 2010

"Choosing the Best Continuing Education Opportunities"

Elissa Scalise Powell, CG gave a presentation on "Choosing the Best Continuing Education Opportunities" at the APG Professional Management Conference on August 17, 2010. FamilySearch video taped the presentation and has made it available on the research courses page of their website.

Elissa Powell shares details on all types of programs such as: university courses, genealogy conferences, institutes, self-guided study, virtual peer group study, and on-line offering. She encourages taking a self-assessment to determine your educational needs and which type of program would be best for you. In addition Elissa covers money saving tips and scholarships available.

Along with the video presentation Elissa Powell and FamilySearch have made the handout for this presentation available. The handout covers descriptions of many genealogy education programs, list of scholarships available, and a self-assessment for evaluating your educational needs. It also includes a two page chart comparing educational programs on experience level, cost, instructional type, length of time, and format.

Description of the presentation from the APG PMC conference brochure:
"This lecture will present various options for continuing genealogical education and will show examples from each program. University courses, conferences, institutes, self-guided study, virtual peer group study, and on-line offerings will be highlighted. The pros and cons of learning styles, price, availability, time commitment and guidance discussed and compared. Attendees will achieve a better understanding of each type of study and will be able to evaluate which they want to pursue further in creating their own continuing education plan."

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