Friday, May 17, 2013

Announcing the Gen Proof Study Group Mentors

I am excited to share the names of the mentors in the Gen Proof Study Group. Details on this new set of online groups studying Mastering Genealogical Proof  by Thomas W. Jones can be found here, and the instructions to join the waiting list can be found here. There will be other mentors participating in the study group in the future, but these are the mentors that have volunteered to guide others in discussing the Genealogical Proof Standard and other topics in the book beginning this summer.

Appreciation goes to these Gen Proof study group mentors (in no particular order):

Harold Henderson, CG
Julie Michutka
Alison Hare, CG
Angela McGhie
Debbie Hooper, CG
Barbara Mathews, CG
Brenda Wheeler
Thomas W. Jones, CG
Tina Sansone
Kimberly Powell
Melanie Holtz, CG
Michelle Goodrum
Rebecca Koford
Michael Hait, CG
Debra Hoffman
Karen Stanbary
Stefani Evans, CG
Steve Buffat
Debbie Parker Wayne, CG
Janis Gilmore
Julie George
Christy Fillerup
Tonya Hull

If you would like to participate in a study group please see the links above or below. If you are intersted in mentoring a group, please email me at mcghiefamilyhistory at

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