Wednesday, July 14, 2010

NIGR Alumni Association

I wrote on Monday about the National Institute on Genealogical Research, or NIGR. Today I would like to share information on NIGR's Alumni Association. This organization is open to anyone who has attended or lectured at the National Institute on Genealogical Research. The group sponsors an annual dinner on the Friday night of the institute to honor those who have completed the program. They also raise money for two purposes:
  1. Funding the Richard S. Lackey Memorial Scholarship for a student to attend the institute.  The scholarship is awarded to an experienced researcher in either a paid or a volunteer position, in the service of the genealogical community.
  3. Contributing funds to the National Archives Trust Fund for the microfilming of genealogically-significant NARA records that would probably not otherwise be filmed. Once filmed, these records then become available to a much wider audience than those who can to come to Washington, D.C.
These are worthy projects that benefit the genealogical community. 

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