Thursday, November 11, 2010

Military Courses Featured for Veterans Day

In honor of Veterans Day I am highlighting online educational options for military records. Learning more about ancestors who served in the military is a way to honor them, and also a way to find valuable genealogical information. Military pension files from the Revolutionary War to the Civil War are among my favorite genealogical records.

There are several lectures on military records that have been recorded and are available to view as free online presentations. For a more in-depth study, there are also two online courses available. While I have viewed several of the video presentations, I have not taken the courses.  

FREE lectures, videos and webinars:

Available on Roots Television:
There is a Military channel on Roots Television that has video lectures, documentaries, and 15different interviews on military topics. There are brief ads on this site, but it is worth it to get to the videos. The two lectures are divided into four parts for easy viewing. Click military channel and then "military lectures" to see:
Researching Civil War Ancestors Online by Amy Johnson Crow, CG
Online Revolutionary War Research by Curt Witcher

Webinar from

Courses available for a fee:
With so many military conflicts throughout America’s history, it’s likely your ancestors were involved. Finding records of their service will help you round out the portraits of their lives and honor their memory. Military files also can reveal information about widows and children—and even ancestors who didn’t serve might have left behind draft records. This course will teach you what to look for and how to locate the records you seek.

US: Military Records  $89 (8 weeks)
Within this course there is discussion of the various types of records created by military service, such as service records, muster rolls, pension records, and draft registration. The content of the records and their usefulness for genealogy and immigration research is described. Records of conflicts of the United States and colonial America from the early colonial wars of the seventeenth century to the Second World War are included. The Army, Navy, and other branches of service are detailed. History of military action in America as it relates to records is also included.

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