Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ask Archivists Day on Twitter June 9th

There is a worldwide event coming to Twitter on June 9, 2011 called Ask Archivists Day. I think this is a great opportunity to ask questions of archivists around the world. We all have ancestors that came here from other countries and this is a great opportunity to ask questions about the records that may exist in their homeland.

According to the announcement on NARAtions, the blog of the National Archives, this event “will bring together the people who collect, care for, and research archival records in one space where questions from general research practices to whether a repository has your ancestor’s information will be answered.”

On June 9th you can ask your question to a particular archive, or to archivists in general using the #AskArchivists hashtag in your tweet. For the U.S. National Archives direct your questions to @USNatArchives. You can watch the discussions develop by following @AskArchivists on Twitter.

If you are not a Twitter user, then you can also post your questions on the Research at the National ArchivesFacebook page or on the NARAtions blog.

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