Friday, September 23, 2011

Virtual Genealogy Education lecture links

Here are the links I mention in my "Virtual Genealogy Education" lecture to the Fairfax Genealogical Society.


Master Calendar:
            GeneaWebinars (scroll to bottom of the blog to see the calendar)
Genealogy Software Companies:
            Legacy Family Tree             
Genealogy Societies:
Southern California Genealogy Society – Jamboree Extension Series
            Friends of the National Archives-Southeast Region
            Utah Genealogical Association -- Virtual Chapter Meetings
Commercial Companies:
Ancestry – archived Webinars
            FamilyTree University – Webinars for $39.95
Professional Genealogists:
High Definition Genealogy – Thomas MacEntee gives “Explorinars”
            Michael Hait – recorded lectures for download

Online Presentations
FamilySearch Research Courses and Recorded Lectures – over 200 available!
Favorites: “Inferential Genealogy” by Thomas W. Jones, “U.S. Courthouse Research” by Christine Rose, handwriting series, and research principles
                New England Historic Genealogical Society – recorded presentations

Online Tutorials
            Scottish Handwriting  
            English Handwriting   
            Immigrant Ancestors Project Script Tutorial

Study Groups
These types of study groups can be organized to study any genealogy topic like SIGs.
            ProGen Study Group – for professional genealogists
            NGSQ Study Group – studying articles from the NGS Quarterly
            Writer’s Group – reviewing the writing of group members

Formal Classes and Courses
            National Genealogical Society Online Courses – Seven online courses available
            FamilyTree University – Online courses and virtual conference
Heritage Genealogical College – Online courses and degree program
Pharos Tutors (Based in the UK) – Online courses and certificate program
National Institute for Genealogical Studies – Courses and certificate program
Boston University -- Online Certificate in Genealogical Research or Genealogy
            Essentials Course

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