Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Progress Indexing the 1940 Census

On April 2nd images of the 1940 U.S. federal census were released by the National Archives, and now thousands of volunteers are working to create an index for the census. FamilySearch has a new map on their 1940 census page where you can see the progress on indexing the census for each state. Indexing is in progress for all but four states.

To see the map and progress for each state visit:

Here are the states that are 50% or more complete:

Delaware 100%
Colorado 99%
Kansas 99%
Oregon 99%
Virginia 91%
New Hampshire 87%
Utah 86%
Idaho 79%
Indiana 78%
Nevada 61%
Wyoming 50%

Overall progress on indexing the census is at 11.54% as of today. This is very exciting as it will be much easier to search the index by name than it is to search by enumeration district.

I am grateful to the many volunteer indexers and arbitrators who are working diligently to create this index!

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