Thursday, December 20, 2012

Genealogy Webinars with Michael John Neill

Michael John Neill, the author of Casefile Clues, is doing a series of webinars at very reasonable prices ($4.00 to $8.50). These webinars are not listed on the calendar at GeneaWebinars so I thought it would be worth posting them here for those who may be interested.

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29 December 2012
This presentation will look at responsible ways to “tie” images and other data to your online tree. There’s more to sourcing that simply connecting the image/data to your ancestor. We will focus on actual example and see how to reduce the chance you accidentally get errors in your data.
29 December 2012
We will look at ways to get errors out of your own tree. This will include fixing relationships, removing duplicates, altering incorrect sourcing, and more. Attendees should have some working knowledge of using the trees.
29 December
This presentation will look at determining what content is on GoogleBooks, searching all content globally, searching specific content, download and viewing options, options for using material in blog posts and personal research, and more.
2 January 2013
This presentation will have an updated presentation on searching for content on We will take a quick look broadly at what content has, but will spend the bulk of the presentation time discussing how to search and effectively navigate material on the website. is a paid website and requires a subscription. Attendees do not need to have their own subscription.
2 January 2013 has changed since our original presentation. This session will provide a broad overview of the material on the site, how to search for specific content (particularly printed histories and microfilm), how to navigate that material, and what viewing and downloading options there are for material on does not require a subscription and is free to use.
2 January 2013 is free for all to use. We will look at hints and suggestions for navigating and interacting with content on FamilySearch. This presentation is geared towards beginning and intermediate level researchers.
5 January 2013
This presentation will focus on census searching techniques for databases at

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