Wednesday, February 12, 2014

International Genetic Genealogy Conference Announced

I was excited to hear today about a new option for those interested in the growing field of DNA and genetic genealogy. Dr. Tim Janzen and CeCe Moore have formed an Institute for Genetic Genealogy which will be sponsoring an International Genetic Genealogy Conference. The conference will be held August 16 and 17, 2014 at the National 4-H Youth Conference Center in Washington, D. C. 

Many of the most knowledgeable genetic genealogists from around the world will be presenting sessions at this conference. The speakers and their topics include:
  • Larry Vick – Interpreting Y chromosome data and managing a Y chromosome project
  • Debbie Parker Wayne – Mitochondrial DNA
  • CeCe Moore – Autosomal DNA
  • Terry Barton – Managing a Y chromosome project
  • Joanna Mountain Ph.D. – 23andMe
  • Shannon Christmas – African American DNA research
  • representative – AncestryDNA product
  • Kenneth Nordtvedt Ph.D. – Y chromosome haplogroup I
  • Family Tree DNA representative – FTDNA products
  • Bill Hurst – Mitochondrial DNA haplogroup K
  • Jim Wilson Ph.D. – Chromo 2 test and Y chromosome research
  • Kathy Johnston Ph.D. – X chromosome research
  • Blaine Bettinger J.D. – Third party tools for DNA analysis
  • Bonnie Schrack – Y chromosome haplogroups A and B
  • Rebekah Canada – Mitochondrial DNA
  • Rob Warthen, Karin Corbeil, and Diane Harman-Hoog – Adoption DNA
  • Tim Janzen M.D. – Chromosome mapping
  • Katherine Hope-Borges – ISOGG
  • Thomas Krahn B.S. – Y chromosome research
  • Maurice Gleeson M.D. – Irish DNA and autosomal DNA
  • David Pike – Phasing utilities
  • Ugo Perego Ph.D. – Native American DNA
  • Jim Bartlett – Autosomal DNA matches and triangulation
  • Doug McDonald Ph.D. – Admixture analysis
  • Angie Bush M.S. – DNA case studies
You can find all the details on the conference, the speakers and the schedule on the website

You will not want to miss this opportunity to learn more about genetic genealogy.

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