Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Challenging and Inspiring Learning Experience

This post is the fifth in a series of posts by guest authors sharing their experience with courses offered at the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy. Here is the experience of Barbara Ball.

The Advanced Practicum Course of 2012 was a challenging and inspiring learning experience. I found that I spent all my time working to solve the puzzles, and had little time for lunchtime or evening courses. The instructors were interesting, well informed, and each presented us with a different kind of challenge to our research and analytical skills. All of the information needed to solve the cases was available digitally, and I found that I never once set foot in the Library during this trip. Too bad for me!

If your primary joy in genealogy comes from the successful analysis of data and solving of puzzles, this is the course for you. Though we spent little time in the classroom, the time we did spend was fascinating. It was very helpful to hear how fellow students approached the same problem in many different ways. (We were not allowed to work together or discuss a case until it was finished.) I cannot recommend it highly enough, and plan to take it again. 

Barbara J. Ball, M.S., GISP
Genealogist and GIS Analyst

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