Thursday, May 31, 2012

Get the Inside Scoop on the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy

Thinking of attending the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy? Want to know what others thought of the courses? Many of the tracks are new this year, but others are back by popular demand. Seven "insiders" who have taken the courses share their perspectives as guest authors in the blog posts linked below.

Registration for the 2013 Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy opens on June 2nd. Some courses fill quickly so be ready to register early if you want to guarantee your spot. You can review the registration instructions here.

Advanced Genealogical Methods
Top 5 Signs You're Ready for Tom Jones' Advanced Genealogical Methods Course
Advanced Genealogical Methods course at SLIG

Advanced Evidence Analysis Practicum
A Challenging and Inspiring Learning Experience
Measuring Your Success at Solving Genealogical Problems
An Insider's View of the Advanced Evidence Analysis Practicum
Waking Up Your Brain with the Advanced Evidence Analysis Practicum course at SLIG

American Research and Records 
American Research and Records Course at SLIG

Research in the Midwest
Research in the Midwestern Course at SLIG

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