Tuesday, April 29, 2014

NGS Live Streaming -- Registration Ends Tomorrow

NGS 2014 Family History Conference, Richmond, Virginia 7–10 May 2014
Live Streaming Broadcast

Registration for the previously announced live streaming will close on 30 April 2014
. The National Genealogical Society (NGS) will broadcast the live streaming of ten lectures from the NGS 2014 Family History Conference..  The upcoming conference will be the first time NGS has provided a portion of the conference to NGS members and others across the United States and overseas who are unable to attend the conference in person.

Since the conference offers ten simultaneous tracks, conference attendees may also benefit from live streaming by choosing to attend certain lecture topics of interest in person and using the live streaming program as a chance to view other simultaneous lectures after they return home. The live streaming lectures will be available for delayed viewing for ninety days.

Details of the live streaming program can be found at on the NGS Conference website at http://conference.ngsgenealogy.org/attend/live-streaming-at-ngs2014gen/.  NGS has selected some of the most popular topics and nationally known speakers for the two featured tracks. Registrants for live streaming can select either track or the bundled package which includes both tracks.

Track One: Records and Research Techniques which can be viewed on Thursday afternoon, 8 May 2014, and Friday morning, 9 May 2014. Join the conference from home and learn about best practices and research sources.
Track Two: Virginia Resources and Migration Patterns which can be viewed on Friday afternoon, 9 May 2014, and Saturday morning, 10 May 2014. Learn about Virginia’s records and her people, who moved south and west to new lands pushing the frontier ever forward.

Registration for live streaming will close at midnight 30 April 2014. All registrants will receive an electronic version of the NGS 2014 Family History Conference Syllabus. Registration is discounted for NGS Members.

NGS has selected PlayBackNow to broadcast the live sessions and to provide the recorded sessions for later viewing. Instructions for viewing the live streaming will be sent to registrants before 6 May 2014.

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