Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Gen Proof Study Groups Forming

Are you interested in taking your genealogical research to the next level? Would you like to discuss the Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS) with others in a small group? Do you want to effectively apply the GPS to your own research? Perhaps it’s time for you to begin studying the book Mastering Genealogical Proof by Thomas W. Jones. 

New rounds of Gen Proof Study Groups are forming now. The small groups of 10-15 members and their mentor will work their way through each chapter of Mastering Genealogical Proof. They will discuss their thoughts, insights and questions about the five parts of the GPS, the chapter exercises and, their own research as it applies to the GPS.
If you are interested in joining:
1.       Make a commitment. You need to be able to commit at least 10 hours per week to read the book, complete the chapter exercises and participate in discussions.
2.       Obtain a copy of Mastering Genealogical Proof. The book is published by the National Genealogical Society and can be ordered here . It is also available as a KindleEdition

3.       Read the first two chapters to understand the commitment you are making.
4.       Decide what group level you would like to be in: beginner/intermediate or advanced.
5.       Send an email to get on the waiting list (see Registration Process below). Include your preference of group level (beginner/intermediate or advanced.)

Meeting times:
  • Some groups will meet and study one chapter every week for 8 weeks, and others will meet every other week for 16 weeks
  • There will be a variety of start dates.

Study Group Platform

We use Google + private communities as a platform for the study groups so there will be no expense involved to participate. You need to have a free Google + account. Each Gen Proof study group will have their own private Google + community where they can ask and answer questions and discuss the book content and assignments.

The groups will meet in one of four formats selected by the mentor. 
Asynchronous discussion board-- These groups do not meet at a designated time but have ongoing discussions on a private Google + Community discussion board throughout the week. The mentor will log on each day to answer questions and highlight certain concepts, and participants should check in daily also.

Video chat – These groups meet weekly or bi-weekly at a designated time for a one hour video chat on a private Google Hangout. You MUST have a computer or a tablet with a headset and microphone to participate. This is great for those who like to meet in real time and video chat to discuss the subject.  

Text chat – These groups meet at a designated time for one hour in a private chat room. You type your thoughts and questions via text chat and others will respond and discuss the concepts in real time. This format is good for those who do not want to video chat, but like a designated time each week to meet and discuss the subject.

Asynchronous discussion board with option to video chat – This combination of options discussed above has become very popular.  

Mastering Genealogical Proof Google + Community
We have created a public Google + community page to encourage discussion of the book. The link to the Mastering Genealogical Proof community page is https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/109187935060995685018
To join, click the red “Join Community” button at the top of the page.

Registration Process
To join the Gen Proof Study Group waiting list:
1.       Send an email to genproofstudy at gmail.com. Include your preference of group level (beginner/intermediate or advanced.)
2.       We will email an application form to those on the waiting list which will include the name of each mentor, their study group start date and format.  Participants will reply with a commitment to participate and indicate their first and second choice for study groups.
3.       Once the study groups are filled, your mentor will contact you and give you access to the private Google + community or Basecamp website where you will participate in your group discussions.
4.       Have fun studying this wonderful new book with a great group of genealogists!

Questions can be asked on the Mastering Genealogical Proof Google + Community page or via email at genproofstudy at gmail.com

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